Prescription Swimming Goggles : New Ranges


If you are one of the 8 million people in the UK who swim regularly, you may have experienced some of the common issues expressed by spectacle wearers. For example an inability to see the edge of the pool, other people around the pool or even the right changing rooms. Good vision is also an important issue for water safety as well as the overall enjoyment of swimming. Contact lenses are one possible solution, but still require the use of a properly fitted pair of swimming goggles to prevent them coming into contact with the pool water. For that reason, many swimmers prefer the convenience of a pair of prescription swimming goggles.

At Walford & Round, we stock two different models of prescription swimming goggles, both suitable for correcting prescriptions from +8.00 to -10.00.

Mirrored Prescription Swimming Goggles
Mirrored Prescription Swimming Goggles

The M1200 optical goggle has a tinted mirror finish on the prescription lenses which is ideal for outdoor swimmers. It is available in two colours – a red goggle with amber lenses and a grey goggle with silver lenses. The stylish look and design will appeal to many swimmers but for those who swim outside in bright sunshine (open air pools, open water swimming or triathlons), the tint and mirror finish makes them an essential accessory.

OPT9000 swimming goggles - available with a different prescription for each eye
OPT9000 swimming goggles – available with a different prescription for each eye

The OPT9000 prescription goggle is available in blue or black, and can be assembled with a different lens power for each eye. With three different nose-bridge sizes available, your goggles can be customised for a perfect fit.

Both goggles feature a latex-free silicone headstrap and mount, adjustable nose bridge and lenses with an anti-fog coating and UV protection for the eyes.

To try these goggles on, drop into any of our practices where we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the correct prescription and fit.