Ortho-Keratology is a method of vision correction that uses contact lenses to correct your vision while you are asleep. Simply pop the lenses in before bed, take them out in the morning, and you can enjoy clear, comfortable vision throughout the day.

Who is Ortho-Keratology for ?

Ortho-Keratology is currently only available for correcting short-sightedness (myopia) and is an ideal solution for people who;

  • Have low to moderate levels of myopia (-0.75 to -5.00) and with only small amounts of astigmatism.
  • Children with progressive myopia who would like to stop their short-sightedness getting worse.
  • Want the ability to have clear and comfortable vision all day.
  • Find that glasses or contact lenses aren’t suitable \ comfortable for the activities they undertake during the day.
  • Have considered refractive surgery, but are worried about the risks or complications.

How it works

What to expect

Fitting lenses for Ortho-Keratology is a more complex process than fitting a pair of conventional contact lenses. Each lens is custom made to suit both the individual shape of your cornea and also the prescription that is going to be corrected. This fitting process requires a number of appointments as detailed below.

  1. Initial Assessment – In addition to a full sight test, your eyes will be assessed on a microscope to ensure they are healthy before contact lens wear begins. After this a 3D map of the cornea will be taken to enable lenses to be manufactured to your exact requirements.
  2. Collection appointment – You will be instructed in how to insert, remove and look after your lenses, and they will be checked to ensure the fit is correct. You will then leave with the lenses to insert yourself before going to bed that night.
  3. After first over-night wear – You should attend the practice without your lenses in, early in the morning. Your eye health will be checked on the microscope, your vision will be checked, and then a further 3D map will be taken to check that the contact lenses are having the correct effect. At this stage, we may expect around 60-70% of your myopia to be corrected. You may be issued with some daily disposable contact lenses to use during the day at this point.
  4. After two weeks of wear – You should attend without your lenses in, and later in the day. This will allow us to monitor how stable your vision is throughout the day, and whether sufficient corneal re-shaping is now taking place.
  5. Six-monthly Checks – From this stage onwards, we would anticipate only needing a six-monthly check on the eye health and progress. New lenses will also be provided every six months to provide increased levels of comfort & hygiene.

Please note : Due to the extra equipment and training that is required to fit Ortho-Keratology lenses, this service is currently only available in our Banbury practice. To make an appointment, please contact us on 01295 262 501 or email ban@walford-and-round.co.uk.


The initial fitting fee for Ortho-Keratology is £195. This covers the initial pair of lenses and all of the appointments above. In the unlikely event that the Ortho-Keratology fitting proves unsuccessful, or you decide within the first 30 days that you aren’t going to proceed, then we will issue a credit of £100 against any other vision-correction product, whether that is glasses or soft contact lenses.

Thereafter a monthly direct debit will be set up. This covers the replacement lenses every 6 months and all of the follow-up appointments that are required. In addition to this you receive your contact lens solutions at a discounted price, and in the unlikely event that a contact lens is lost then we are able to provide replacement lenses (max 2 per year) at a reduced price.

For further information on Ortho-Keratology, please contact us, or visit OrthoKLenses.com